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My Daily Commute

Most people’s commutes consist of honking horns, merging traffic, and stop and go starts. They seem to last forever. My commute is made of sunrises, grazing animals and kids waiting for the school bus. It takes 20 minutes and it flies by so fast, but it never fails to touch my soul. The morning gently lifts me from reluctant to energized and the afternoon winds me down from the bumpy spots of a busy day. I watch new baby calves take wobbly steps; see the crops go from sprout to harvest; and enjoy the leaves as they bud, grow and change colors. By rough calculations I have made the trip over 11,000 times, a daunting number. Yet the familiar landscape never ceases to amaze me. Many days it makes me pull over and grab my camera to capture something I have not seen before. I will take this ride only 15 more times. 15 more opportunities to see does with fawns and 15 more sets of potholes to avoid. These are the rare and precious moments I’d like to share with you.

Come take a ride with me.

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