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About a decade ago I had the dream of having my own studio where I could create art. In 2014 I had 2 kilns in my garage and was making slumped wine bottles. In 2017 I remodeled my garage and built my studio. The next year came heat and the following year I added a dedicated bathroom for my clients. Now in 2021 is my biggest step of all--retiring from teaching to work in my studio full time! It has been hard to be patient, wanting to have it all at once. I did find that taking it a step at a time made me appreciate each addition more than if I had done it all at once. It was also easier to pay for it all!

Come be a part of this new chapter in my life. Bring a friend and take a class or 2 or more! Even if you think you're not an artist (everyone CAN draw...), you can learn and see how art can make your life more creative and fun! Check out the calendar for classes or request one created just for you and your group.

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